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Congrats to the Writing Challenge #4 winners.

WritingChallengeOur latest challenge was a screenwriting challenge where members were asked to write a micro-budget festival length short with the following constraints.

Write a 5 – 12 page screenplay in one week.

Using the pictured rowboat.

Any genre but it has to have meaning.

Micro or low budget.

And we got some excellent scripts in response.  The screenplay that got the most votes was call Sleeping with Fishes by Dave Troop which recounts the story of two gangsters and a boat.  As a prize, Dave will be heading our very first member challenge where he will have complete creative control over the criteria for the challenge.  Keep an eye out for that challenge. 

Runner up screenplays include the Jack Flannigan by Alex Sarris and Small Boat Big Water by Dena McKinnon.  Check out all the scripts here

The next Writing challenge will be in early September.

Dave’s Member Challenge can pop up at any time. 

Welcome to Writer Arena

Hello and welcome to Writer Arena.  This is a community site for screenwriters and filmmakers who want that competitive edge.   We strive to create a fun but productive environment for challenges and collaboration.  It is our desire to assist screenwriters in seeing their screenplays produced.

Currently there is a forum available.  There’s discussion boards, news boards, podcasts to listen to, games to play, and screenplays to search.  It’s free and easy to become a member — so no excuses.