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Congrats to the Writing Challenge #5 Winners.

WritingChallengeWe switched up Writing Challenge #5 and made it about loglines.  Each participant was asked to write a logline for a 5 – 12 page scripts with the following criteria.

The genre must be horror and must involve a part of the body (eye, hand, leg, etc.) – the spirit or soul is also acceptable.

There were 46 loglines entered.  Following are the top three results. 

A hit and run driver, consumed with guilt, starts to exhibit the same injuries as his victim.

Reef Dreamer
Whilst recovering in an army hospital a troubled soldier, who has lost a hand in battle,
wakes up to find messages in his diary telling him that a patient on his ward now
possesses it.

Darren Seeley
After they are exposed to a toxic spill, two people attempt to find aid as their bodies decompose.

The rest of the loglines and results can be viewed here.

The winning logline is used as the criteria for the next challenge, Writing Challenge #6.